New Windows 10 App Helps Motivate All Ages to Focus and Read Better—Online or Offline

Finally, low-cost help for ALL readers with the new Reading Focus Cards app

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As students prepare for final exams at the end of another semester, they are looking for new and better ways to read and study more successfully. Whether they are elementary, secondary, college or grad students, they need motivating ways to effectively manage the volume of reading and test prep to meet their academic goals throughout the remainder of the term.

The new Reading Focus Cards app for Windows 10 PCs (U.S. Patent 8,360,779) can enable students to do just that—focus and read digital media with more success. This recently published Windows 10 app can even be used with digital tests—whether online or offline.  The new app, accessible via the Windows Store, was designed by a St. Louis edupreneur in collaboration with a renowned developer of apps for challenged readers. (For Mac users, there is a Mac version of the Reading Focus Cards app, too.)

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In addition to the digital app, sensory-appealing Reading Focus Card tools made in St. Louis are also available for use with physical books and documents, too. This system of reading aids from Brennan Innovators helps improve focus for many readers but can be especially helpful to students of all ages with ADHD, dyslexia and other issues that very often negatively impact the reading experience.

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Brennan Innovators, LLC, a leading innovation-driven provider of reading solutions for all ages, announced that it has published its new Windows 10 Reading Focus Cards app for readers of online and offline digital media. This application for use with Windows 10 PCs was made possible by combining the efforts of an innovative developer of special needs apps together with those of an experienced St. Louis educator and entrepreneur. The launch of the Reading Focus Cards app for Windows 10 more easily enables PC users to read digital text with more focus, visual comfort and improved reading skills.

Established in 2007, Brennan Innovators is a U.S. educational products and services company with a proven track-record of successful development and commercialization of teacher-designed reading tools for mainstream use as well as readers with special needs. All the company’s reading products are made in the U.S.A. Brennan Innovators also provides consultation and professional educational services for teachers, parents and other adults who serve students in grades K-12.

Speaking on the development of the app, Joan M. Brennan, founder and CEO of Brennan Innovators, LLC, said, “This infinitely-customizable app FLOATS on top and STAYS on top of underlying digital applications (Kindle PC app, etc.), enabling readers to FOCUS on digital text needing immediate attention AND BLOCK OUT surrounding text that may be distracting. The app is great for e-books and online courses read on PCs, too.

The launch of this innovative overlay application continues our commitment to explore new and innovative pathways in reading technology with an emphasis on support for challenged readers of all ages/abilities and, thereby, improvement of their self-esteem. Reading success and the skills related to it are the cornerstones for success and achievement in life. We are excited to add this new Windows 10 version of the Reading Focus Cards app to our portfolio of customizable and sensory-appealing reading solutions.”

Ms. Brennan, an experienced middle-school teacher, created the original Reading Focus Cards (U.S. Patent 7,565,759), physical reading aids that grew out of the students’ needs in her own classroom. Throughout 2017, she worked with Abelardo Gonzalez, a developer of apps for dyslexia (OpenDyslexic font) and other reading challenges, to create the new Windows 10 Reading Focus Cards app for PCs. First established in 2014 for the first version of the app for Macs and PCs, their collaboration has worked well to support Brennan Innovators’ mission of providing tools to enable ALL individuals to focus and read with more success. The new app is available in the Windows Store. The Mac version of the desktop app is available in the Mac App Store.

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